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Please welcome Robert Teed!

coDesign is thrilled to welcome Robert Teed to our Board as our Strategic Advisor. Robert is a workplace guru with three decades of experience in the areas of workplace, real estate, and the built environment. He spent years in senior leadership roles at Symantec, Polycom, DocuSign, and ServiceNow, and can relate to the challenges, risks, and opportunities that Real Estate and Workplace professionals face in their day-to-day. Because Robert has navigated the .com era, the 2008 recession, and now the pandemic, we feel confident that he’ll provide our team and clients with excellent workplace-related advice.

If you follow Robert on LinkedIn, you’ve probably seen his posts about the need to provide employees with #flexibility and #choice. Robert is passionate about people-centric workplaces, and it’s this passion that makes him a perfect match for our strategy+design+build firm. At coDesign, we believe that companies should engage in workplace strategy prior to design, as this will help them determine what kinds of spaces to create and whether they need a space at all. Robert believes in this process!

We asked Robert what piece of advice he’d give to companies that are beginning to plan their return to the workplace. His answer was this: Be slow to make big assumptions about, and changes to, your post-pandemic company workplace and workspace, and leave room for experimentation and iteration. His reasoning? Robert believes that we’re still missing a key, post-pandemic ingredient, employee behavior! In his perspective, we need new employee behaviors to show up at scale before we can truly understand what the next, more people-centered workplaces and workspaces should look like.

If you’re interested in setting up a call with Robert and learning more about people-centered design, please reach out! You can email or message us through our website.

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