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coDesign welcomes Eden Brachot as Head of Strategy

We are excited to announce our new Head of Strategy, Eden Brachot, who brings seven years of user-centered design strategy experience to the team. Eden will further coDesign’s commitment to designing spaces that matter, by meeting clients where they are and helping them make the most of their real estate as they grow and adapt in this quickly changing environment.

Eden is passionate about how space affects people’s experiences and behaviors and how to create environments that work better for people. This brought her to Cornell University, where she studied Design and Environmental Analysis, co-directed a 140-person design-build team, and designed and delivered Active Learning Classrooms for the College of Human Ecology.

In New York City, she learned that her intrinsic interests could be honed in the worlds of real estate and architecture, where she worked as a strategist at Cushman & Wakefield, Gensler, and HLW. From a Mikvah in Ithaca, all the way to a Girls Academy in Ghana with NGO Voices of African Mothers (VAM), Eden has used her strategy skills to give back to her communities.

Today, Eden helps companies demystify their real estate challenges, articulate functional and cultural goals for the workplace, and translate these into design principles that can improve their space and workflow. Eden weighs the grand concept of a project as heavily as every minor detail and brings this project-team approach to every hobby and endeavor.

Over the years, Eden has helped a wide range of clients with their real estate solutions. She led portfolio strategy for Sears, change management for Verizon, and headquarters planning for in Tel Aviv. Eden is especially excited to be working with coDesign’s clients, many of which are experiencing fast growth and trying to maximize their physical footprint while fostering a workplace culture that furthers their brand and values.


coDesign believes that good design begins with the stakeholder. Our team begins every workplace project by getting to know our client. We uncover how they operate, their needs and desires, and use this information to design a personalized workplace that best supports their unique work model.

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