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coDesign Welcomes Caitlin Cunningham as Sr. Workplace Strategist

coDesign is thrilled to announce our new Senior Workplace Strategist, Caitlin Cunningham. With over twelve years of workplace experience, Caitlin brings a fresh perspective. She understands what our clients are experiencing day-to-day and will provide a people-first approach to all strategic engagements.

While Caitlin’s journey began with a focus in interior architecture, she quickly realized her joy for analyzing data as it relates to the physical world. This marrying of design and data led her to begin a career in space plan management where she supported clients with their CAFM software and office moves. Caitlin quickly realized the importance of giving attention to how space is designed and utilized on both a granular and macro portfolio level.

Caitlin’s passion for thoughtful workplace strategy began during her years at Uber, at a time when the company was experiencing tremendous growth. As the company’s Global Workplace Space and Design Manager, she witnessed workspaces being designed and built, that though beautiful, did not meet the needs of her fellow coworkers and service providers. As an end user herself, Caitlin was able to step up and advocate for employees and push for a more people-first approach to all future designs.

While at Uber, Caitlin had the pleasure of working on the company’s new headquarters in San Francisco, and her advocacy led to a comprehensive workplace strategy for a million square feet of office and meeting space. Surveys, interviews, focus groups, and utilization studies were used to generate a rich data set that was then translated into a beautiful and functional bespoke design, one that represented and supported Uber employees and enabled them to do their best work.

Following the creation of Uber’s HQ, Caitlin saw firsthand the importance of effective change management. Her experience ultimately led her to study and become a certified Prosci Change Management Practitioner.

coDesign is thrilled to have Caitlin on our team, and we know that she will be an excellent resource for clients that are looking to make strategy-backed changes to their workplaces. If you’d like to schedule a call with Caitlin to discuss the power of workplace strategy and coDesign’s approach, you can send an email to

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