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  • Brandie Hopwood

Introducing "The workplace mix" series.

The years spent cultivating things like company values, office culture, work/life balance, business operations, team dynamics, functional support, events, budgets, and policy have been strained through the filter of 2020. As we sift through what remains and continue to innovate what no longer works, we’re now including things like home office set up/supplies, support for parents homeschooling children, remote work structure for roles not traditionally designed for it, and the ever-evolving conversation around employee engagement and “zoom fatigue.”

With some companies claiming that 80-90% of employees will likely prefer to remain remote at least one day a week and varying ideas on workplace methodology, the question we’re quickly ramping up to is: what does a return to the physical office look like? 

Why are companies choosing to retain or shed their physical workplaces? What is the financial justification for either case? What new perspectives have we developed around how we innovate and collaborate? How do different workplace methodologies impact the way we utilize our current physical space design?

Here at coDesign, we’re in a unique position.  As a synchronized group of architectural, interior design, project management, construction and furnishing experts, we have the opportunity to speak with companies every week about what they’re doing to anticipate their future space design needs. 

Real companies. Real conversations. Real challenges. Real talk. 

We'll begin our journey next week with Tom Suro, a global real estate expert specializing in workplace strategy, facilities management, design and construction. Stay tuned!

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