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Return-to-Office Series: Our Conversation with SnapLogic

The coDesign team recently sat down with Sarah Sefton, SnapLogic’s Chief of Staff. Sarah has been with the organization for 8 years, in her current role for 3, and was the perfect person to speak with about the company’s return-to-office plans.

While many organizations have a clear vision for how they’ll operate post-COVID, with established policies in place, Snaplogic has taken a different approach. At present, the company is allowing employees to come into the office, at-will, and what its post-COVID hybrid work model will look like, has yet to be determined.

When initially asked what the company’s work model would be post-COVID, Sarah shared, “…it’s hard to say, because if I look back, we’ve had so many iterations of thoughts regarding what we’d do, versus what we actually decided, versus what employees are even interested in...” With an understanding that there’s been so much fluctuation in the past, for SnapLogic, it doesn’t make sense to set firm plans in place for the future. The company is in no rush to define what its new normal will look like, and we understand why: the future still holds so much uncertainty.

With this said, Sarah does have some idea as to what SnapLogic’s future workplace will be like. She expects the space to be hybrid and more collaborative than it was pre-COVID. Over the last 19 months, the organization has used its office for trainings, meetings, and other important gatherings. The company’s CRO used the office for a sales bootcamp that remote employees flew in for, and management used it for the company’s quarterly business reviews. “I think that [this type of usage] will continue and be a bit more regular, with a more frequent cadence of meetings - onsite offsites, trainings, and that sort of thing,” shared Sarah.

Sarah’s term, “onsite offsites” caught our team’s attention, as it really speaks to the new purpose of the workplace. Our team feels that as companies go hybrid, their offices will morph from spaces for day-to-day, heads-down work, to destination spaces for special, planned events. Sarah does to!

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