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Size 16,000 sqft

Location Emeryville, CA

Industry Biotechnology

coDesign’s Services Design and furnishing

Completed June 2022

“Our space was in desperate need of a designer’s vision and touch - a bit drab. Now, it’s fabulous! It’s inviting, fun, comfortable, and functional. coDesign has created a space that our team wants to be in when they are in the office.” - Lindsay Realegeño, Executive Assistant at Metagenomi

Project Overview

coDesign helped Metagenomi, a repeat biotechnology client, design and furnish their new HQ. The company wanted to create a welcoming space that would excite employees. With Metagenomi’s labs being located one block away, it was crucial that this space entice people to make the trip to come in.

Employee Wellbeing

Employee well being is a priority for Metagenomi and the company wanted its new workplace to reflect this. In an effort to bring a feeling of nature to the space, something which is known to decrease stress, our team selected a color palette for the project that mimicked nature. We chose neutral tones (browns, tans, and grays) and an accent color of emerald green. We also ensured that our design selections complimented and enhanced existing natural elements within the space, like the beautiful living wall and wooden staircase.

A Home Away From Home

Metagenomi wanted its workplace to look clean and simple, but the company also expressed a desire for the space to feel homey. As coDesign selected furniture, we made sure to include some resimercial pieces like couches and lounge chairs. While these furniture items look like something you might find in your living room at home, they are durable pieces that will certainly stand the test of time.

Designing For Function

Metagenomi wanted to provide its employees with a variety of space types within the office from which they could work. The company also wanted to create zones within the workplace - some for quiet work, and others for collaboration. The first floor, which is dedicated primarily to focus work, is filled with desks and pockets of soft seating. The second floor, contrarily, supports collaboration. Here, employees can slide into a booth, chat with coworkers at a cafe-style table, or even sit at the kitchen counter.

A Collaborative Process

It was a pleasure collaborating with Metagenomi to bring the company’s vision to life. At coDesign, we love working with our clients again and again as they grow and evolve, and Metagenomi was no exception!

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