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5 Tips for Streamlining Workplace Technology

Did you know that one of the top barriers to productive meetings is getting set up with technology?

Whether you're implementing a long-term work-from-home strategy or not, it's clear that the last year has propelled us forward in terms of tech expectations in the workplace. Here are some tips for saving time and increasing productivity at the desk, in conference rooms, and in hybrid meetings:

1. Settle on a standard desk setup.

Though some roles do require more robust technology, they are becoming the exception to the rule. We’ve found that a laptop, two monitors, and a universal docking station have become the norm. Whether you practice desk sharing or not, a standard setup democratizes the space, levels the playing field for employees, and maintains long-term flexibility with minimal changes as teams grow and shrink.

2. Standardize your conference rooms.

Make the room logins the same, with consistent technology throughout. This will speed up ad-hoc collaboration and ensure that there are no surprises when getting set up. In other words, make it familiar and easy to plug in and go.

3. Implement room scheduling panels.

Add these outside all meeting rooms to display room availability and allow walk-up reservation. They are easy to install, and many companies are compatible with multiple reservation systems. This ubiquitous technology increases transparency in the office and builds employees’ trust in their space and the resources available to them.

4. Add a screen to any meeting room smaller than six people, and a second screen to those larger than six.

For the smaller rooms, this will help employees to collaborate quickly, share work, and see coworkers virtually. In a scenario with two screens, one should be used for content and one for people!

5. Hang information screens by reception or in the open office area.

These can be used for everything from sharing project progress and boosting company morale, to communicating the latest health and safety guidelines, which seem to change constantly!

In an unassigned environment, this sort of screen can display which desks, meeting rooms, and resources are available for booking. In all workplaces, they can display intranet posts, good news, company wins, or even a tailored welcome message for the day's visitors.


Technology plays a role in everyday productivity, long-term flexibility, and increasingly common hybrid work. How are you streamlining your company's technology? Let us know at We're happy to share more information and lend a hand!

Stay tuned for our next "5 Tips" workplace insights...

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